100907 - Granny Goes to School

100907 - Up to see the boys off to school and today G went to school for the FIRST TIME EVER! I got his picture in front of the mailbox all ready to go.

I was lucky enough to get to go school with G today. We started by playing with stuff and as other kids came around I slowly backed out and he played nice.

I hung back a bit more and more as the time went on. He did great at everything and jumped right into the activities.

After singing we got his stuff and headed for a special happy-meal lunch at McDonald's where one of his new classmates showed up and they played together on the outdoor playset.
Back home and L met us there, returning from her first day of work at the school. She had a great day too! I sluffed back to my desk and had an incredibly busy day. Before I knew it I was back at D's baseball game, J had a bloody lip and thunder and lightening forced the game to stop. Back home and the neighbor helped D&I water and mulch in our new plants. J then read us all a couple books and all boys to bed.