100530 + Nervous Shine

100530 + Up and all to church. G even stayed in his own class (I stayed too, but in the background)! Home and L packed lunch and we headed into the middle of no place to the New Straightsville OH Moonshine Festival.

It was extremely hot out today and the festival was extremely small. The majority of the 30 or so people attending sure looked Luke locals and we felt nervous and obviously out of place.
They had some cool cars there on the 1 block festival and some fair food and games/rides that were sure to suck any remaining income out of the locals.

We did find some shade and a historical cave that we hiked to, where the unionization of coal minors started.

Back to the car and greatful it was still there in tact and with the AC blasting we headed for a more civilized area.
We drove north for about an hour and ended up at Buckey Lake. I had the boys remove their underpants and just wear their short so they could get wet if they wanted to (GOOD IDEA!). We found a beach and the boys had a blast!
We were lucky enough to find a geocache there too, L's first find on her own! The boys trades some stuff and then into the car and headig home in their underpants. I stopped at a little pizza shop there and got us some food that we ate at a questionable skate park. Having had enough nervous encounters for one day we headed home, got the boys cleaned up, watched the rest of Iron Man and then off to bed. The boys said it was a fun day.