100513 + Priceless

Grey 9 month baby pants = $8.99
Red stripe baseball socks  = $9.27
Nike black batting gloves  = $14.99
little league batting helmet = $19.95
Nike size 10C cleats             = $24.95
Grant, plowing over 2 kids as he tagged them out in his first T-Ball game =
Grant's first official hit!

20100513  UP and I went to the court house downtown for a hearing...  D&J to school, when J gets home LJ&G are heading to a friends bday party.  In court we won our judgment on the tenants that did not pay us, now to get blood out of a stone...  Home did books for REI business then worked rest of day.  Ate dinner on the go and then dropped J off at his buddy's house, he is going to the circus with them tonight (thanks Obie).  Then LDG&I headed to Ds baseball practice where I ran the pitching machine until the battery died.
Grant started T-Ball tonight.  He has not stopped talking about it for DAYS!!!!  He got his shirt and hat and was all ready.  Out onto the field the kids practiced running bases, fielding grounders and hitting off a tee (all this bored Grant, of course...).  Then time for a game.  grants team was up first and the cluelessness began.  It was hilarious, the ball goes over there, they kids look at it, the batter doesn't run... holy man...  Grant got up, tapped his bat on home plate a couple of times and >POW!< he hit the ball, dropped his bat and tore off to first base!  That's how it done!  They went one round in the batting order and then Grant got to take the field, right up front as pitcher...  The kid on the other team gets up to bat, hits it, we encourage him to run... Grant fields the ball, chases the kid down and knocks him over as he tags him out!  Next kid, same thing, hits it, grant gets it, PLOWS him over tagging him out! hahaha, ok ok so we had a talk with him...  Net kid up, hits it, Grant fields it, throws it to first, the first baseman misses it...  Grant walks over to him and says 'you're suppose to catch it!'.  He tries that for one more play and gives up more tagging, no more plowing kids over though thank goodness!    He was pretty proud of himself and we are too!  Way to go Granny Panties!  To Dairy Queen for an ice cream snack and home for bed!

100512 + Worked all day, fast dinner.  DG&I went out to get baseball stuff for G & presents for J's birthday.  Back home and L gave the boys hair cuts and we watched the first half of 'Close Encounters of the 3rd kind'.