100520 - 2 Games

100520 - Normal work day, normal very fast dinner and to the ball field. G was all suited up, got himself in the car and was ready to go, 'come on guys!'. He did good with the warm ups and ran the bases like a pro. No knocking kids down tonight (thankfully), Buthelezi did beat them to the base and yelled 'OUT!'

Then up the path a ball field or two to Howdy's game. They were a bit out of control like monkeys on the bench. So I cleaned things up while the were on the field the next inning and when they came back in the order was enforced: 'sit down unless I call your name', 'no one has a bat unless I give it to you', 'no more gum unless you get a hit'... Yeah but they like me ;-) It turned into a real close exciting game and they all did really well. D played catcher for 2 innings and did great. J was on the playground most of the evening.
Home cleaned up the boys and got them in bed. L&I settled in for a relaxing night of the season finally of 'Grey's Anatomy' and were tense and on the edge of our seat for the full 2 hours...