100527 - Made it to the Play

100527 - Up and across the street to work. We had one presentation and then a pretty fun team building event. The Cindy & Lee rushed me to the airport where I was able to JUST catch an early flight home. Made it home and the fam picked me up. L was having a stressful day and almost ran over a guy :-o Got home, got a couple of things done the Gma&paB showed up and we went to dinner.
After dinner we split up and L took G to his baseball game and I took D&J along with Gma&paB to D's play. It was a cute little musical and I was glad i could get there to see it! After the play outsde the school we found Gma&paW that showed up to see it too. We met up with L&G and all headed out to get some ice cream.