100522 - Ball Game & Fire

100522 - Up and Jack was picked up for a camping trip. LDG&I headed to the ball field. The picture above shows some happy boys, as they just, and I mean JUST, won their first game! D had an awesome game, in one inning at short stop he got 2 of the outs for the inning and he hit every time he was up! The game came down to bases loaded and a full count... Our boy threw a strike and the game was over, they won with that one pitch. I took the team to DQ and bought them ice cream.
Home and D had his buddy Seth over, L mowed, I trimmed the front tree & bushes, and help the neighbor Joe take some metal posts out of his yard, G followed D&Seth around... The Brandts came over to help is fire up L's mother's day fire pit and have a couple beers. We got G to bed and I stayed up with D&Seth watching Critters. Bed late, boys even latter

100521 - Up and worked a full day. The fam to City BBQ for dinner. Then home in the rain and watched the old puppet version of 'Thunderbirds' and an old claymation dino movie.