100529 - Transplant Beating

100529 - Up and to visit one of our houses to pick up a package sent there for me. Then a stop at the bank before heading home for some yard work. The boys and I trimmed a couple branches and transplanted some grasses. We took a break for lunch and ate under the tree.
Moved some ivy to the west side of the house and cleaned up Lori's rock garden. LDJ&G headed to the ball field while I got a shower. Then I grabbed J's DS and a lawn chair and ran, no really, I ran to the ball field. The boys played a really good game, D got hits everytime up, but still it wasn't enough... 15-12 another defeat in the heat. A quick pit stop at Meijer & Home Depot before dinner at Panda Express. Home and cleaned up the yard, showers and D&J playing on the patio in their boxers.
Inside for a movie, the Rocketeer, and smores.