100515 + Dad's commitment Ceremony

100515 + UP in the morning and doing some things around the house.  I ran J to a birthday party then home for lunch with the rest of the gang.  We then packed up and LDG&I headed to D's baseball game.  I took G with me to go pick up J from his party and L worked in the concession stand.  Back to the game, I got to see D get a base hit and then I relieved L at concession stand duty.  I was not there long as the 'Mercy Rule' came into affect and D's team was 15 runs behind in the 4th inning...
L took the boys home and I went with Brian to Meijer to get supplies for Jack's party tomorrow.  Back home and fixed D's machine gun.  D shot Jack in the finger with machine gun so i had to take it away...  Had some beers with Brian and then got ready for the RMDK ceremony.

All the Bible Banger dads and their sons here for the ceremony.  We had a nice fire in the backyard and our leader said some nice words.  We then each had to say something to each one of our sons to let them know how proud of them we are an how much we love them.  I did the best I could but by the time I got to Jack I started blubbering and could barely make it through what I had to say...  Dylan made me cry even worse.  I have such hopes and love these boys so much.  The next part of the presentation was where we as a family held on to a sword and promised to our sons that we would raise them as knights.  At the end of the ceremony each boy was presented with a dagger.  It was a really nice ceremony and I hope the boys remember it forever, I know I will.

100514 - Work all morning and then bailed out to have lunch and look at a house w/ Jeff & Ed.  Home and finished my day, D mowed back and L mowed rest.  We hung out at home tonight getting ready for a busy weekend and watched the second half of 'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind'.  Jack was a bit freaked out, especially when after I put them to bed and I started playing the tones to call the spaceships in the playroom.  hahahahaha!