100502 + Drizzle Work

100502 + Everyone up and to church. Home, changed and to Big Boy for brunch Buffet. Then back home, disappointed that we were not heading out for adventure... So I started working: finished sorting LEGOs, then forced D&J to help me mix and pour some concrete around the well.
Now updating the blog, watching 'The Thief of Baghdad', a great old movie. Looks like we are stuck at home another day...

100501 - Up an out for games: L&J met GmaW for his soccer game. DG&I headed to a baseball scrimmage that thankfully was canceled due to the rain, so we ran a couple of errands to get some essentials: beer, chips & pop. Then we tried to go to Jack's game but it was already over, so we headed to Jim Long's to drop off some maternity clothes. We picked up lunch on the way home and all met up to eat together. GmaW stayed for a bit and then headed home for a busy evening. D went to a friends, L baked cup cakes for a party tonight, JG&I watched a movie about GIANT spiders invading a town and cleaned up LEGOs. L got everyone together and we headed for a party at the Roser's for Jason's first communion. Home and watched movies all night while renaming photos on the PC.

100430 - is it possible April is gone???
I worked all day and L&the boys spread some mulch. I worked as long as possible trying to avoid spreading mulch... Then I came up with the idea we could get something to eat, so we went to City Barbecue and had fried pickles. Home and got tangled in the web and was forced to spread mulch...
After the boys got ready for bed we queued up 'Back to the Future' for the late night movie. The boys loved it and want to see the rest of them. Got them to bed and stayed up late playing on to iPad and PC.