100519 - Drizzle

100519 - Up and on calls. Took a break to walk/run, J went with me. It was drizzling a bit, but a friend of mine in the UK told we I would not be considered serious about running unless 'the weather doesn't matter', so I forced my self to do it. I was glad J went along, he rode behind me and I would shake the branches over the sidewalk as I ran under them and the water would fall on him as he rode behind me :-) Finished my day with a late call, the fam ate without me and LJ&G went to J's soccer practice. D stayed home and when I got off the call we passed a football for a bit. G joined the football passing when he got home and did really good catching. All boys in and cleaned up and to bed. L&I watched TV for a bit and then I renamed some more photos.