100524 - Pump Leg & Hit

100524 - up and had a crap morning with the banks. G learned to pump his legs on the swing, which he demanded I witness. Yep, he can do it!

I took a run today and D&J rode their bikes with me. It was HOT, so I had to get clnd up after the run. A fast dinner then we divided forces, I took D to his baseball game and L was to take J&D to his last soccer game. J had to skip the soccer game as he had bad stomach pains... Gma&paW showed up at D's game and GpaW got G so he could watch the game. D got hit by a huge kid and was walked, but hit every other time he was up. They still lost 25-1... Ugh!
Home and met the new neighbors, out for the Bible Bangers and it wasn't so great... Home and to bed.