100508 - Non-stop

100508 - UP and L&J to Jack's soccer game where only 5 kids showed up, so they had no substitutions and he had to play the entire game.  It was a really rough game and L was yelling at the other teams parents :-o   DG&I to baseball for pics and the fields were too wet from all this rain so they canceled their scrimmage.  The baseball team all met at a pizza shop for lunch and were loud and out of control...  Then DG&I went to a gun store, they were amazed.  Then we went to a gun show where they were even more amazed...  We did buy a .22 bolt action rifle :-)  Then we went to another gun store to buy bullets.
On the way home we called one of D's friends and we picked up Jack and went to 'Clash of the Titans' with Seth and his dad.  After the movie we got about 4000 chicken nuggets and had Seth over for dinner.   L went out to eat with her friends.  After the boys ate I had them put L's Mother's Day gift together, a portable fireplace.  They then played in the yard while I cleaned up and then down to the movie room to watch 'Back to the Future 3'.