091218 - Singing, Ponies & Farm

091218 - Up and put in a couple hours. Then LJG, Hans, Champaign & I walked back to the school to join D in a whole school sing along.

Back home and when D arrived from school we all loaded in the car and headed to the Farm. Hans & Champaign got the grand tour. G showed Champaign how to give Nibbles a teat, and bless her city girl heart she did it with much anxiety.

Hans gave it a go too.

In to the barn for a swing on the rope and a view of the cows. We had a great dinner from Chinatown in the old farmhouse and GpaW gave a wonderful history lesson.
Drove back home, got the boys to bed. We sat around and chatted until the girls went to bed. Then Hans helped me try to find an acceptable place for the upcoming summer vacation.