091224 - Family, Tie

091224 - I had a bit of work to do this morning so I would feel comfortable not working for the next week...  Got as much done as I could and then now time for the family.  Out and ready for the festivities to begin.  I helped L get the crazy 3 ready for the evening dinner at her cousin Jan's house.  I took a couple extra minutes with Jack and gave him some instruction on how to tie his shoes.  HE GOT IT!  my boy learned how to tie his shoes today using his thumbs, a bit different thn 99.99% of the population, but that is how Janck and I do things :-P

We headed out for the Christmas eve dinner and it was a nice fun event with lots of family and fun. We headed home and Gma&paB came with us to spend the night.  The excited boys were surprisingly so tired it was not a struggle to get them to bed???  Santa came and the damage was not too overwhelming...  Lets see how tomorrow goes :-)