091230 - To Friends Houses

091230 - Up and getting more stuff done around the house.  We worked on D's final coats of paint and then D went to his friend Seth's house and the rest of us hung out.  Later this evening I took D&J with me to my friend Chris' house to help him set up his new Blue Ray player and surround sound system.  What should have been pretty easy hook up took us 5 hours and two trips to Meijer...  D&J did good the first couple of hours and Karen, Chris' wife played games with them until 10pm then she drove them home.  We persevered and by midnight we had a fully tuned and functioning system!  Chris was happy :-)
L got the boys to bed in one room as G or D can't be in the room being painted due to fumes.  So they are one big happy family and Grant LOVES IT!!!