091216 - Mifflin Christmas Play

091216 - Up and had a good meeting with N Mx. Andre got a big change set lube for me and he & Gary Gary helped me tweak it on live. I tested it for 5hrs straight... Out of the office, grabbed the fam and headed up to Mansfield. We went to see a play Katie Loughman was in 'I Need A Little Christmas Vacation!' at Mifflin school. The boys couldn't believe that was the school I went to as a boy. I even saw one of my old teachers! Katie ha a lead roll and the kids did great! We all enjoyed it a lot and good to see the Loughman clan.

Definitely worth the trip!

We made a quick stop at the farm to change the boys into their jammys and raided the junk food drawer. On the road home with Pirate of the Caribbean, again...