091225 - Christmas!

091225 - Boys up early, before the sun to see what Santa left them, Dylan knows better this year :-(
They all got something they liked and it was a good morning, non-stop until they collapsed. We headed to Nicole's for lunch and more gifts... Then back home for a couple minutes of quiet time before Gma&paW showed up with some more stuff and time to play with the new stuff.
A very nice day, but too short the joy that it brings. Hard to focus on the true meaning or get children to even realize what is going on in our over commercialized world. But how lucky I am to have all these family members around, be able to have them in my life and for me to be a part of theirs. These wonderful little boys I have, are growing and i know soon the 'Santa' will evaporate for them as they start to see the world. How I wish they could stay little and faithful in me for many more years than I know they will.
Merry Christmas, and lets hope time moves nice and slow, or at least I remember to enjoy the time I have. God willing and God Bless...