091217 - Far Away Friends

091217 - Up and focused on one problem for work pretty much all day... Then quickly grabbed the fam and headed out to an unplanned funeral home visit for our neighbor Selma Horn. Selma was a kind lady and always so very nice to us and the boys. She lost her battle with cancer Tuesday night surrounded by tons of her family.
We then got dinner, stopped home to eat, a quick change, then off to the Columbus Zoo to meet some friends that had need driving in from Chicago all day. We met up with Hans, a buddy I work with from Amsterdam, and his girlfriend Champaign, from California currently working on her Phd in Chicago, to see the millions of lights at the Zoo. The lights were spectacular and it wasn't too cold, if one kept moving...

We got to see lights, monkeys, snakes, fish and have hot cocoa, all while my family actually got to meet people I work with and talk about. It is hard for them to realize I do actaully work with folks all over the world while sitting in my office at home. And it actually proved that I do have a job ;-)
We headed home, got some tired boys to bed, and stayed up for some very good enjoyable conversation with our guests. Now everyone settled in for the night, with a big day planned for tomorrow!