20180319 -

20180319 - Up in the am and working from home getting email and other stuff done. Ran in to the high school to meet with the Athletic Director for a min. Home and got some more work done. DeVonn called so I ran to the airport to pick her up and we met Justin for lunch before heading into the office. In to the conference room to finish the day on calls.

20180318 +

20180318 + UP in the am and all to church. Home and working on the pc for Booster stuff. In the afternoon D headed to his first varsity baseball game. We go G off to his practice, J headed to the basement to conjoin with the Xbox and L&I headed to Olentangy to watch D play baseball. It was just a scrimmage but it gave me a chance to test out the new app. D got in the game in the 5th inning and played 2nd for 5 innings. He did pretty good!  GREAT TO SEE HIM ON THE FIELD! After the game L&I headed home, swung through KFC and picked up dinner and then home to eat with J&G. We got all caught up with them, I did some more work on the PC until the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead. Up late finalizing things for a super busy Monday.

20180317 - First No Trap Year :-(

20180317 -

Up in the am and this is the first year in a LONG TIME we had no Leprechaun trap. I asked but noone wanted to build one with me :-(
Headed to Bank with everyone to get accounts figured out.
\Closed D's savings, moving $ to a secured CC for him.
D to work at D-Bats
LJG&I headed to Staples and the shoe store to get things for my work and J's track season, then rean to GameStop and L looked at stuff in a new furniture store. I hung out in the car and update the high school baseball calendars. Home, shipped an Amazon sale, J&G to the basement to play on the Xbox. I hung out in the office getting caught up, D home and cleaning his room.

20180316 +

20180316 +
Up early with D and headed to Wilmington College
College vi$it with Dylan at Wilmington College today! $end donation$ to WingerCollegeFund.com 😜
G baseball practice
LJ&I to Piada for an expense mediocre meal
Home watched some basketball
Ran to pick up G
Home, D home, watched more basketball


20180315 - Up in the am and in to work and prep for call then on the phone solid. J went to school today even though he wasn't feeling well, we think he went so he could get his picture taken with the Track team for the yearbook. I had my calls and they were long... Calls over, getting caught up on mail and heading to the Scout Store.

20180314 -

20180314 - Up in the am and it is snowing like crazy! J not feeling well so home from school today. I made it into work and at the desk going through emails and piles trying to stay on top of things. Had a nice treat today, Justin took me to lunch :-) Back at the desk to try and finish off the day. Stayed very late to finish off the day and get a couple of reports ready for big meetings tomorrow. Got the reports done and headed home. Home and ate at the table with L, D&G at their baseball practices, J in the basement, still not feeling great.  Eventually everyone got home and we all caught up on the day. D got his warranty bat and it is the latest model, a $300 upgrade from the one he got for Christmas, G told us all about practice and J get relaxed. All to bed, i was up LATE updating the TEAMAPP for the HS.

20180313 -

20180313 - Up in the am and in to work, joined the Ops meeting this morning then chained to the conf room phone the majority of the day. L texted me in the middle of the day, she had to go pick J up from school, he was sick. Had a pretty rough call and then headed home through some pretty bad snow... Home and got LD&G and we headed to the Baseball Outback Dinner. Gma&paW joined us, D sat at the Senior table. It was the usual crowd and the usual presentation. The food was good and it was great to see all the boys. Nice Dylan stuck with it, strong boy. After the dinner LD&G had Gma&paW drop them off at home and I stayed to fill Tad Day envelopes with the Boosters. Home and all to bed, a good night. Not up late for a change, need to catch up on my sleep.

20180312 +

20180312 + Up in the am and in to work. Had one call this morning and then in a conf room working on misc things. D went on a shadow day where he followed the father of one of my Cub Scouts around and learned what an Athletic Trainer does in a day. Home a bit late and L had dinner ready for us, D&I got home at the same time. He told us all about his day and talked and talked. Seems he liked it! After dinner J&I headed to Scouts where I discussed options for online ticket sales. At the end of Scouts I realized G was not there... He had crossed over and was now a Boy Scout and should have been at the meeting... Too many things going on in my mind... Home and got Doc and went to Bible Bangers. It was a good meeting and we got through a chapter. Home and I was up late watching Netflix and set up a ticket sales portal, not waiting any longer for people to make a decision...

20170311 -

20170311 - Up, G to baseball, I met guys about Boosters. Ran back to get G and home. I worked on stuff in the office, D headed out for pictures. Guys came over to work on travel baseball stuff. L GOT HOME! She had a very successful and fun weekend and told me all about it as we ran out to pick up dinner. Home and ate and L&G watched American Idol and the guys came over to watch The Walking Dead. Up late working on Booster stuff.

20180310 -

20180310 - Up in the am and D&G already at the Baseball Clinic. J hung out on the Xbox for a bit then we went to a shoe store to look at running shoes. We stopped at Waterbeds and Stuff to get a gift for Terrill and then swung through Subway to get lunch for D&G. A quick stop at home to get bottles of water and then tht e high school where we delivered the lunches, D was a bit annoyed for some reason... I talked to the coach about all the things coming up and J&I headed back out. We went to the gas station and J didn't want to pump the gas... so we went home instead of continuing on to Dick's to get him new running shoes... I got more done at the desk. D&G got home and chilled out for a little bit. D went to some friends to play basketball and GJ&I packed up and went to Terrill's 50th bday party. It was a good time with great food. We didn't stay too long. Home and up doing booster stuff until late.

20180309 -

20180309 - Up in the am and working from home getting a lot of things done! L went to John & Mary's for the weekend to work on a quilt for D. The boys got home in shifts and then D&G headed out to a Baseball Clinic, D was one of the Captains! Eventually we all ended up at home and we retired to the basement to watch the new Jumanji. It was fantastic! All boys to bed and I was up until 5am doing Booster stuff...

20180308 + 2 in 1 Chair

20180308 + Up in the am and tried to go to work... It took me 45 minutes to almost get to the ramp for 270, so I did a uturn and headed home to get my reporting done so I wouldn't miss our 10am call. Reporting done, meeting successful and then in to work for the afternoon.L had to go to the police station today to get more figure printing done. Finished my day and stopped an auction house on the way home. Home and had to have a talk with G as today he broke the new Xbox remote I got for them 3 days ago because he got frustrated... Had dinner, L&I ran to Meijer, J posting things on ebay. Home and D home from practice, he played several positions during practice today, GOd I hope they let him play... Finished off the night and to bed, up late working on GLHS Booster sites.

20180307 - Black Panter

20180307 - Up in the am and in to work. Pretty quiet day getting things done. Had a call with the TeamApp.com about school websites. Home and L had a nice dinner for us. LJG&I ate, D at baseball. D home and didn't want to go with JG&I to the movies so he stayed home with L, but was in his room watching movies... JG&I went to see Black Panther, it was really good! Home and boys to bed, I was up late building websites.

20180306 - Busy Schedule

20180306 - Up in the am and to the high school to meet with the Athletic Director. Got a bunch done with him. in to work and had my first meeting of the day and lining things up to keep knocking things out. Stayed a bit late and headed straight to the varsity baseball field. I watched for a bit and then talked to the coaches. Headed over to Burnworth's to watch G pitch a bit at his practice and then G&I headed home. G&I had some dinner that L made. J got the xbox headset working. L watched the Bachelor for hours, I got a big baseball email sent out. Up too late watching Neflix movies.

20180305 - I'm SINGING!

20180305 - Up in the am and in to work. Spent the day in a conference room lining things up and cleaning them off myplate or putting them where they go.  Headed out a bit early to meet with the accountant and do my 2017 taxes NOT GOOD. I don't owe anything but am getting hardly anything back...  Home and L had cooked a nice steak dinner for us, D was at baseball but the rest of us enjoyed it. We hung out for a bit before we all loaded up and headed to J's choir concert. J is just to the left of the giant kid that used to be one of my Cub Scouts. It was short and sweet and we hit DQ on the way home. Home and I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers, there were only 3 of there tonight so no progress made on our book.  Home and up not too late working on the PC.

20180304 - No Milk!

20180304 - Up in the am and LJ&I headed to church, D stayed home to list some things and head to work. After church I stayed to meet with a Sunday School class I helped start years ago while L&J headed home and L ran G's baseball stuff to him at his practice. There were many of the same people there that were there when we started and it was good to catch up and a good discussion. L picke me up after the class and we headed home. I had to run G's hat and glove back out to him. I made arrangements with Tom to act like I was late picking G up and I would meet them at Dick's. Home and I got some stuff done on the PC. Tom texted me that he was headed to Dick's and D just got home from work so DJ&I headed to Dick's. We snuck up on G who thought his dad forgot him at practice and we got him a pair of cleats, well we had to order them in blue, he didn't want the red ones they had. D got some cleats, we ordered him some gray pants and I forced him to try on some girls short softball pants and they fit, so we solved the problem of finding high pants that fit! J got a pair of soccer cleats and after 3 hours at about $100/hr we headed home. We swung by the Mallonn's and picked up Connor so J could teach him how to hydrodip stuff. Home and J and Connor headed outside to paint, G hit the Xbox and D filled out another college application and headed to DGF7's. L cooked us all some dinner and then took J and Connor to youth group. L&I sat and chatted about upcoming events, going to be a busy fast Spring and Summer... I ran to pick up J and then we home, D arrived soon and so did Ben to watch the Walking Dead. Boys to bed and up late putting paper in the PC.

20180303 - Cleaning Up

20180303 - Up late and L brought me pancakes and coffee in bed. D off to baseball. I got myself around and ran J&G to Scouts to help clean out the garage at the church, G first Boy Scout event. Home and L&I getting things done around the house and desk. Ran to pick G up and he had fun! J stayed there. Home and G got picked up by Bill and Brady and J headed out scootering. I fixed the backdoor knob and then D, DGF7&I headed to Grove City to check out a Play it Again Sports that was closing down, it was already picked clean so we headed to Dick's and they didn't have what D was looking for either... Home and back and knocking things out. After a while J got home and D&DGF7 headed out. L&I headed out to see the new movie 'Game Night' and ran into Karen Pettit and her sister. It was a really funny movie and we had a good time. After the movie we picked up some food and went home and ate with J. Up very late working on the PC.

20180302 - No More Cubs

20180302 - Up slow in the am not feeling great. Headed in to work to take some calls and chase things down. About half a day in and I feel like crap so headed home and finished the day at home. Ended up taking a nap and getting up to cleanup the electronics in the basement with J. D ran J to his middle school fun night and then joined LG&I at G's Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts and G crossed over into Boy Scouts tonight. Not near the ceremony I put on, but glad G crossed over. Home and straight to bed.

20180301 + Before Bed

20180301 + Up in the am and a rainy drive on the way in to work. Justin is on top of everything this morning and driving things like crazy. Finished out the busy day and headed home. J texted me while I was driving about an issue with his phone. Got home and J was in the basement playing the Xbox, I got the boys a headset so we didn't have to listen to them yelling at their friends... L cooked dinner for JG and me and we had a nice dinner, D was at baseball. After dinner I ran G to baseball practice. I got a call from Doc's friend, Doc wasn't answering his phones and she wanted me to check on him. To Doc's no answer on his phones or doorbell. I got his key and went in, thankfully he was not home. I let her know and fixed his front door knob on the way out. J back in the basement, G had a coach bring him home, D got home and set up a college visit for us, I was working on the PC. We wound down the night and on his way to bed J told me that his phone wasn't working and the new headset didn't work... We had hours this evening to work on these things and he tells me right before he goes to bed... I didn't fix them, I told him we'd look at it tomorrow.