20220305 - Green Patches

20220305 - We’ll I was up all night and it was only the sound of L getting I. The shower at 6:30 that put me to sleep… L headed to John & Mary’s in Shelby to work on J’s quilt. I woke about 11, G downstairs, got himself together and let me know he was heading out for the day. J came home and I got myself up and around, had some bfast, or cheerios for lunch, and made a plan. J&I headed out to Home Depot and got 30 bags of dirt. We got home and J helped me spread the dirt in the holes left from 2 large trees that came out years ago and have settled. J headed in and I spent the next couple hours tamping and smoothing the dirt. G and some buddies showed up and played in the backyard. I needed some more ground cover stuff and more hose, so I got J and we headed back to Home Depot. I ran in the get the stuff and J ordered us some dinner from Popeyes's. We ran through Popeye’s on the way home and realized J place the order at the one on Hamilton Rd in Groveport, not Gahanna. So we had to cancel the order and go through the drive through. Home and we spread the rest of the ground cover, hooked up the hose and soaked it down. In and we all ate. I ran G to a buddy’s for the night. Home and J headed out and I watched Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Milan in the basement with Hazel.