20220306 - Up in the am and headed to New Albany to watch G’s basketball game. They lost to some of their older friends and had a blast. The season is over and we’re happy he did it and had fun. We ran home and I got the sap off the trees and started boiling it down. G&I hung out and apparently both fell asleep until the smoke detectors started blaring from the smoke rolling out of the sap pot… I cleaned that up and then G&I watched the rest of the OSU vs Michigan basketball game, they lost. Hazel and I headed out to the dog park and got there just as it started raining… we took her red ball and she had a blast!  We swung through McD’s on the way home and picked up a late lunch for G&I. Home and L was home! We ate and chatted and got caught up. I did some stuff on the computer and we ordered Chinese for dinner. We had a nice dinner and started watching American Idol. Chris showed up and we headed down to watch the Walking Dead. After the show I headed to bed and watched the rest of American Idol.