20220320 - Up in the am and LDG Hazel and I headed up to the Farm. We got there and had a nice lunch and then headed out to clean up the piles of wood from the wood house being taken down and L did some yard work. We got everything cleaned up and then headed up to Gma&paW's house to watch the OSU Basketball game. GpaW and I headed back down and looked at the porch posts on the Farmhouse, tried to get the Versatile started (it has oil in the radiator), started the 4 wheeler, fed the cats and looked at the barn a bit. Back up to the house and the Buckeyes lost. We headed home and stopped to get gas and some Long John Silver's for dinner. We dropped D off at his apartment. Home and we watched some more basketball getting ready for the week. Chris came over and we watched two more episodes of the Walking Dead and are all caught up.