20220324 - Up in the man and LJ&G at school, I got to the desk. GmaW back down to the eye Dr. today to get bandages off. Got a small update from GpaW, he went to Dr. for a raspatory infection. Hazel and I took a walk down to the drive thru to get some stuff. We took a back way through the park home, it was a muddy adventure. Home and back to the desk getting things done. I ran G's uniform out to him. Home and J headed to Donatos to sign his employment papers :-)  L home, she's not feeling great. I finished my day and L&I headed to the baseball field and met up with D&DGF13. G played a couple innings and they didn't look good. Thank God it was only a scrimmage. I ordered Chinese for dinner and we picked up on the way home and all had dinner together. J headed out to JGF6 to see how she's doing, she was at urgent care with stomach issues. Watched some basketball with G, L in bed medicated.