20220308 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and found some off brand Cheerios we got at the start of the pandemic that had an expiration of Jan 2020 on them, but certainly being sealed in an air tight bag, in an air tight box, in a temperature controlled basement, they would still be fresh. NOPE! Got to the desk and got the day rolling. Just like clockwork the internet went out at 11:20 cutting my staff meeting short... Hazel and I set out to find the WOW guys and didn't have to go far, they were right across the road replacing a line that may be causing all the trouble. After our walk I found a new box of Cheerios in the basement and had lunch. I used my phone as a hot spot to get a couple things done before our main internet came back up. J home and went to pick G up after a bit. L home and ran G to baseball. I finished the day and headed out of the office, J gone, L cooked us some dinner and we ate and hung out until G called to get picked up. Home and G ate and L brushed Hazel a bit while we watched the Bachelor. :-o