20220319 - Up in the am and the games for today got moved to Thursday but they still had practice.. L&I finished cutting down the grasses along the fence. I pick G up and we tried to go to two Chase Banks to get him a checking account set up.... no bankers available in either bank... Home and got a couple things done around the house with basketball playing. L took G out to his friends to watch basketball all night and then she headed out to visit with her friends. Hazel and I settled in to watch basketball and get things done. J showed up to get cleaned up. At halftime of the Michigan game I ran downtown to pick D up. We swung through Burger King on the way home and got some dinner. Home and J was there and chatted with D a bit and then took off for the night. D&I headed to the basement to watch basketball the rest of the night. L home late, chatted with D a bit and then we headed to bed.