20220307 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and made myself a couple pieces of toast for the drive in to the office. At the last minute I decided to add peanut-butter, YUM! I made sure Hazel was set and got on the road. Before I got to the highway a turn slid my peanut-butter toast to the edge of my briefcase where it flipped verticals and stick to the seat… I eventually got a hold of it and then dropped it on my shirt… I made it to the office, had my morning meeting, got some stuff done and then CB, Cory and I hiked to the Old Bag of Nails for a nice lunch. Back to the office and had another call and got more done. Headed home and got there just as L&G we’re heading out to baseball. I did a couple things, L got home and started cooking. D & DGF13 came over for dinner and to watch the Bachelor. It was a nice visit. D ran me to the gas station, where there was a girl crying in the back corner surrounded by a couple cops. I got my stuff and got out of there quick... We then picked G up from baseball. Back to the house to watch the Bachelor. The kids left and we headed to bed.