20190330 - Inside Rides

20190330 - Up in the am and had bfast at farm before packing up the boys and heading to Cleveland to hang out and then spend the night and watch D play baseball tomorrow. On the way up, about halfway there I received messages that the games tomorrow that we were going to see have been pushed back to Monday... We continued on and stopped at the IX center for a big indoor fair. It was definitely a fair with all the people watching we could stand. The boys had fun and rode some rides. We headed home with a quick stop at Jack Frost Donuts hoping to get some maple bacon donuts but they were sold out. We did get some other donuts that were AMAZING and hit the road. We drove home through HORRIBLE rain and made it home before dark. We hung out for just a minute before we headed out a gain and D met LJG&I at the theater to watch Captain Marvel. Awesome movie. Home after the movie and hung out talking to D about his plans for next year.