20190303 + Shiplap

20190303 + L got me up early to take G to baseball practice. Got G delivered and back home to get some things done at the desk. L ran G to a bday party and then ran some errands between painting shiplap board lines on the wall... she loves her lines on the wall...  I don't get it... J on the xbox all day, I was on PC all day. In the evening J&I got his car running and deiced and J drove me through the snowy weather to get G from his friends. We picked him up and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and both boys got cleaned up and L was watching the new American Idol, she's so happy! My friends showed up and we headed to the basement to watch zombies! Now I'm so happy :-P Zombies over, great with no commercials! Finished watching American Idol with the fam, G doubled over in gas pains from we have no idea what... Got the boys to bed and I set up in the living room to finish going through email while I watched Netflix. D called and we worked on his $ a bit, I made a late night chili dinner for myself, woke up on the couch at 2:50am, woke up on the couch at 4:15, got stuff put away and to bed.