20190321 - G's a Player

20190321 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way ton work @ 25 today. In and talked to the team downstairs and then went up to the second floor where I'm all by myself and I was singing and sing and whistling away getting ready for some meetings today. Finished the meetings and then headed back to 7575 office. Finished the day out strong pulling folks together to solve problems. Headed home the back way as traffic is a mess. Met LJG and Gma&paW at Max & Erma's for a nice quick dinner. After that we all headed to G's orchestra concert. The 6th graders did really good, actually better then the rest that we endured... J&GpaW headed out right after G played, SMART MOVE! Afterwards we all met back up at the house, LG&GmaW stopped to get some ice cream, but when G got back he gave us a personal concert. It was late and Gma&paW headed home and all boys to bed.