20190319 - Dinner with Eric

20190319 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Not getting things done this morning as my office seems to have a revolving door on it this morning... I got a lot of things lined up and in order and scheduled to keep the ball rolling. Headed over to the new office where I had a chat with CB, very odd discussion... Headed home to see L for only a minute and then out the door to pick up an auction win at a new place in Gahanna and then on to Watershed Distillery to meet Eric for dinner. Eric and I worked together at DecisionOne and he was the host for D&I's trip to Denver for D's 18th bday. He was in town for a sales pitch and called me up. MANY years ago we took a tour of this distillery when it was 2 guy and their aunt and uncle that just started. NOW this place is a gourmet restaurant. We talked and ate amazing food and had good bourbon until late. Eric was staying by the airport so I dropped him off on the way home. Home and chatted with LJ&G a little bit. Got a call from a guy that runs a local competitive baseball team, the Columbus Braves, looking for D. He told me Coach Shade recommended D...  I let D know and talked to him a little bit before heading to bed where I fell alseep sitting up a couple of times before getting my second wind and getting some things done until 2am.