20180316 - Exhausted Freeze

20180316 - Up way to early for a Saturday... J&I followed out normal routine, but this time I went into the school with him for the annual Tag Day. J had found a ride so I got to hang out in the library and help collect and process the $ coming in. We started at 7:30 and by 12:30 the Coach, 140 parent drivers and 500 student athletes had collected over $22,000! our best year ever! After the event closed down and cleaned up I headed home, pretty exhausted. L ran to her school to get some things done, J was on Xbox and I hit the couch to rest a bit, after I get the notes from Tag Day entered into a Lessons Learned sheet. I was still entering things = no rest, by the time L got home and she wanted to run down to see the baseball game at Wilmington. So we jumped in the car and L drove so I could get some more things done, I worked until we go to the field...  Out to watch D's game and IT WAS FREEZING & WINDY!!! D didn't play and the boys got beat. We headed out to one restaurant but didn't want to wait 45min-1hr so ended up at BurgerKing for dinner. I drove home, pretty tired and we swung by the McClains to hang out and relax a bit. Home not too late and stayed up a bit longer to get a survey pushed out to the Tag Day drivers. before collapsing.