20190311 - Hacking

20190311 - Up later in the am as J is staying home from school sick, has fever and horrible cough, L taking him to the Dr. In to work, to the new building first to get some questions answered. On to my office where I met with Jeff on all the things I built over the weekend and how we are going to get folks comfortable with it... Busy the rest of the day and headed out a bit late. J had a dramatic day at the Dr., he has influenza A and L had to take his culture to Children's Hospital... She had to go to Westerville to get a prescription (2 pills $165). Home and J flat in bed... L home with his meds. I was on the phone from 5:30 to 8:30 with Microsoft dealing with my Microsoft account that got hacked... No Bible Bangers tonight. Doc IS HOME! Up till 3:30 working on tool.