20190309 + Feed the team

20190309 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball camp at the high school. Checked in with all the coaches and ran into a bunch of folks I know. Home, got L, said goodbye to J and L&I headed SE to Ohio University to watch D play baseball. D didn't play the first game and didn't start the 2nd, but he got in in the 3rd inning and did his job. I have to leave shortly after he got put in to go pick up pizzas as another family and us were feeding the team after the game. I got the pizzas and brought them back to the field and L and Gina met me in the parking lot and we stuffed bags with granola bars, chips, apples/oranges and I put a potato in one of the bags in place of fruit ;-) When we finished we went back to watch the rest of the game. When the 2nd game ended we rushed out of the stadium to find the bus and set up. We got there just in time, the boys showed up and filed past to pick up their pizzas, bag and drink and get on the big charter bus to head to VA for a couple days and a couple more games. They were appreciative but down as they lost both games today... L&I headed to the Union Diner and had a nice dinner. We came out and it was pouring which made for a hard to see stressful 1.5 hour drive home. Once back in town we swung by the McClains to pick up G & Brady for a sleep over. Home, Exhausted, L ran J to a friends for a sleep over.