20190301 - Caught Online

20190301 - Up in the am and dropped J at school, got some gas and headed in to work through the 2 inches of snow we got last night... In to work and hit the ground running showing off the work I did last night., even though it is flannel day. Had some pretty intense meeting today hashing things out.  I was able to catch some of D's baseball game online today. Finished the day and headed home, L&G at our high school basketball game with L's friend Steph, her son is playing against us tonight. J&I headed to Cane's for dinner, J drove me, it was very nice. Home and J on the Xbox and I was on the computer setting the middle schools on team app. L&G home, we caught up, watched some TV together and then all boys to bed, I stayed up putting ms teams in Team App until 2.