20180829 - Vet$

20180829 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and in to the office and ready quick for an early meeting. At the desk getting things done. L took Lilly to the vet today to have her looked at as she can barely walk... I made some good progress and headed home through a downpour. Took the back-way home as visibility was 0 and traffic was a nightmare. Got home and L was dropping G off at baseball practice and J not home yet so I hung out on porch. L home and told me about vet vi$it, Lilly ok, nothing broken, got some shot$ and pill$. J walked himself home after running today and ran straight up to the Xbox... I ran to pick G up from practice, gave Tom a lesson in Team App. G&I swung by the varsity baseball field on the way home so G could see D's brick. Home and G on the Xbox screaming around. I did some things on the PC until late.