20180828 + Big League

20180828 + Up in the am and know why I was feeling so sore yesterday... because I played catch with G int he pool Sunday...  Up still a bit stiff but J&I up and slowly ready, Lilly getting around a bit better today. I dropped J off at school and headed in to work for a full day of face in the PC planning. Headed home and got there just as G was leaving for baseball and J was mowing Doc's yard. I hung out on the back porch until time to pick G up from practice. Got to G's practice right at the end and helped with the base running race and to push a mower into a truck. G&I swung by DQ on the way home and G had a fan, a little girl, that wanted to know all about his uniform and what sport it was and where he went to school... We had a nice treat and then swung through the post office on the way home. Home and wound down, a nice calm night.