20180816 + HARD DAY

20180816 + Up way to early and LD&I headed to Wilmington College. We got there and they have quite a system to get the students checked in and then off to their dorm. We got D checked in, he got his ID and room key and then were directed to Pickett Hall. We pulled up to Pickett and a swarm of kids covered the car and carried everything up in what seemed like seconds. We went up to D's room and started arranging. I ran down to move the car and then back up to the room. We switched beds and cabinets several times until D got situated the way he liked. We then went down to the TOP (cafeteria) for a nice lunch, I have a little bit of everything :-)  After lunch we walked through the rain to the tents in on the lawn and visited some of the vendors. We dropped some stuff off int he room and then headed to Walmart and D got a text from his roommate stating that he would not be moving in today... So we added a fridge to the cart of goodies. Back to the dorm and the kids grabbed the new stuff and headed up. Back int he room and we put the new stuff in it's place. The TV cable wasn't long enough and D needed some tools so I headed to the hardware store to get some items and picked up some fun stuff I saw while I was in there (wiffle ball set, spinners, solar dancing flower...). back to the room and helped L&D finalize his room just in time to head back to the TOP for an ice cream social. They introduced a bunch of people and then started dismissing the kids. Time to say goodbye... L teared up a little bit and I held it together. Off we went, D stayed.

We drove home and G was at baseball practice. I sat on the porch and went through some mail. Went in and had a moment with L and we cried it out... Off to pick up J from XC and then G. We headed to Steak n' Shake for dinner and catch up with the boys on their first real day of school. Over to Best Buy to get L&I a new TV for our bedroom. Home and set up the TV, to bed in good time. I checked in with D and he had a good evening, had to introduce himself to the student-body with the other baseball players.