20180804 + Netherland Friends

20180804 + Up in the am and LJ&I headed out to stick our feet in the ocean one last time before heading home. We took our chair, umbrella and 2 boogie boards with us and found families that just got there for vacation and gave it to them. Back to the room and got things packed. I got the car and we got things packed up in good time. We hit McD's and a tiny church on the way out of town and then drove straight to the World's Largest Strawberry for an ice cream treat before the second leg of our journey to Wytheville VA. We made it to our hotel, I had to make a couple of calls about the tree removal happening tomorrow and relaxed for a couple of minutes. We then headed downstairs and met the Meijs, Andre, Nicole and Oriana from the Netherlands. oriana was at an English Camp for the last 2 weeks. We chatted for a bit and then headed to the same Chinese restaurant we always go to for a fantastic meal. After some great conversation we headed to get some gas and then back to the hotel where we hung out in the lounge chatting until the wee hours of the morning about everything under the sun to get caught up. It was great to see them!