20180819 + Face-Time with D

20180819 + Up in the am and LJ&I to church. We sat with the Mallonns between us. Home and cleaned up ebay and finished up work in the office and checked in on D, he is doing fine and having a good time; classes start tomorrow... I ran to pick up G from his canoeing trip. The adults and several kids that went on the trip reported G having a great time and dancing and... When G got in the car he 'hated' it, so 'boring and stupid...'. I ran G through Wendy's to get him some food and then home where he got cleaned up, talked to his mom for about 3.7 minutes before running to the basement to plug himself in and start screaming at his friends. L&I headed to Reynoldsburg and picked up some auction items and then stopped at Meijer to get school supplies for the oblivious student, I mean J. we swung through Sonic to get slushies on the way home. Home and I retired to the back porch so I did not have to hear the Xbox screaming. L joined for a bit and then I got the grill out and cooked up some brats for us. We ate on the back porch and then hung out a bit before heading, electronics away and we played Rummikub, it was very pleasant and the boys had their snack. We face-timed with D for a bit and then everyone headed to bed.