20180827 - Hard Work

20180827 - Up in the am and got J to school and in to work. Got the day started. Headed home in good time and hung out on the porch until L called for dinner. After dinner I got J&G delivered to Scouts, then a stop at the post office to mail stuff and on to get my hear cut. After the hair cut I headed to Kroger to get some supplies and did the 'Scan and Go' thing for the first time where I scanned my groceries as I put them in the cart. It was pretty cool and made checking out easy too. Across the parking lot to get gas for the mowers and then home to unload and sit for 12 seconds before running to pick the boys up. Home and hung out for a bit watching Ninja Warrior before grabbing Doc and heading to Bible Bangers. Had a good meeting over Proverbs 1&2 and then home and up late watching TV and playing golf.