20180805 + Different Backyard

20180805 + Up in the am and down to the lobby for bfast. I met the Meijs and ate with them. We chatted for a bit, said goodbye until next time and then loaded up our stuff and hit the road. Five hours later, no traffic issues, no stops we swung through our McD's to get lunch. Home and Ashley was waiting for D's in his room, it was their 2 year anniversary last Monday while we were on vacation. I ran J to the high school to get his XC jersey but he has to wait until Monday... Home and we ate and I helped put some stuff away while the boys picked up the bug bombs, L cleaned everything and headed to the back porch to watch some pickers, do a logic puzzle and get caught up on email. We lost another big tree while on vacation, seems to be a common theme. L came out to mow and then hung out o the porch with me. We ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut that was a disaster... After dinner G didn't feel well so we hung out watching some TV and taking it easy for the rest of the evening.