20180803 - Retake

20180803 - Up in the am and L on the beach for an hour already. I got the boys up ad we ate and headed down. We only got to stay on the beach a short time before a monsoon blew in and we made it to the room only seconds before the downpour hit. We hung out in the room for a bit and then DJ&I headed to Best Buy to look for a laptop for D as the one I got him from Amazon was DOA with many of the keys not working... We walked in, got some help, evaluated the couple we narrowed it down to and picked an awesome laptop! back to the room and D started getting things set up, I helped him a bit and it was flying. After a bit DG&I ran across the road and played putt putt on the course that was partially flooded for fun. t was a good time. After golf G&I headed to a Hilton property to see if we could find a new timeshare. They were all full so we didn't get a tour so we headed back to the room. We all got ready and headed to North Myrtle Beach and my favorite putt putt place, Mayday Golf. We played a quick round and of course I won :-)
I got myself a tshirt and we got back on the road towards our final destination with a quick stop at a pawn shop. We made it to the Pirate Voyage dinner show and had a ball. It was a great show. After the show we got back to the room and DJG&I were up until 2 playing euchre, having fun and G laughed so hard he peed his pants. A good last day!