20180801 + Geometric Design

20180801 + Up late in the am. L&G down to the beach first. DJ&I got ourselves around and headed down. We built a sandcastle fort thing and then DJ&G headed to the pool whil L&I guarded the castle and sat at the edge of the surf. I went to join the boys in the pool and played for a bit until the boys got out of hand and D vanished back to the room. L joined JG&I for a bit at the pool then we all headed up to get ready for another round of putt putt. The golf place was a bit busy and the boys a bit touchy, so it was a quick round, L&I tied for the win. We then headed to Captain George’s to gorge ourselves on crab legs. We had our fill and stopped at a CVS on the way back to the resort. Back to the resort and L&I had a little chat with the boys about their constant fighting. Down to the beach where the boys played a paddle ball tournament in the sand and then a bit of time at the noisy not so lazy river... LD&G up to the room, J&I shortly after and I took a walk to get some poke-balls. Back to the room and L had made us Caipirinhas. We all stayed up around the table and played Hearts and laughed and laughed, especially at J's lactation!