20180825 + Early Bday for D

20180825 + Up in the am and J already gone, on the bus to a XC meet. LG&I got around and headed to Pickerington to watch the race. J was running with 523 other kids from 47 schools :-o He did great coming in 168th out of that whole herd. Pretty awesome for a freshman... We then jumped in the car and headed to Wilmington to see D. We got there and had lunch with him and some of his friends in the cafeteria, and then went back to his room for a bit so the boys could see it. DGF7 was there too and we all went to Walmart to get D some more things he needed for school. We then swung by a clothing store to get D some shorts for his internship and then back to the room to put things away. DGF7 needed a nap so the rest of us went out and D showed J&G where his classes were and met us with some friends and they played some basketball until time for dinner. We tried 2 places that had 45min+ waits before finding a hole in the wall BBQ place that was AWESOME. A couple of D's friends went with us and it was an enjoyable. After dinner we headed home and I did some things on the PC and J&G spent some time on the Xbox.