20180826 + Team

20180826 + Up in the am and the tree guys showed up. We talked to Jodi from next door and decided to only cut the dead out instead of taking the whole thing out. I got a bunch of stuff done in the office while L&J watched the tree removal. Lilly not doing well, can barely get around today... After the tree guys left Jodi the neighbor called me over and we looked at the tree and she told me she was mad at me...  The tree guy told her I was going to pay the bill and she wanted to pay her half. I explained I would pay it and she could pay me back just to keep it simpler for the tree guy, then she was happy.  I was in the office all morning and in the afternoon LJG&I headed to the pool to cool off. We had some fun and got caught in a rainstorm. We swung past Jet's Pizza on the way home to pick up dinner. We called D on the way home and wished him happy bday, it sounds like he is having a good day and was on his way to a baseball meeting. Home and settled in the basement to watch Paddington 2 and then the original Stargate. All to bed in good time.