20161029 + Buckeyes & Mermaids

20161029 + Woke up with a HORRIBLE soar throat... L&J out to J'sfirst indoor soccer event, registration, clinic and game with Gilgers. Gma&paW showed up, unloaded some stuff and headed to J's soccer event. D fixing the riding mower and mowing, G&I headed out for Pokemon hunting and errands: USPS to drop off D's sales, CVS to get me meds, GameStop to pick up Titanfall 2, Jarrod's Jewelry to see about getting D's necklace fixed, McDonald's to pick up lunch and Academy Park to verify D's supply list. Once we were done we headed home, ran into Gma&paW taking LD&J out. G&I ate and got our things together and headed to the OSU vs Northwestern football game. We got to the Crew stadium, caught the bus and rode to the Shoe. We made our way around the stadium and found our seats. G had an a guy sitting next to him and they had a good time together. It was his 50th bday and his first time at an OSU Football game. G talked him through all the things that were going to happen :-)

 The Buckeyes didn't play very well, but they won. I can only image what the people around us thought as I was popping pills and eating soar throat lozenges constantly... We stayed for the whole game and had a great time. After the game we made our way back to the bus stop, got picked up and headed home. Home and changed and L&I headed to a Halloween party. We watched the Indians win their 3rd game of the World Series. It was a good time with a good group of folks. Home and passed out from exhaustion.