20161031 - Happy Halloween!

20161031 - Barely up in the am and in to work.  Cleaned up the office a bit and was on calls and meeting all day long with very little time to get out on the floor.  I did dress up and make it to the floor for a quick trip and photos.  Done with the day a bit early to head home and pass out candy and hopefully not germs...  Home and J&G all suited up and ready to head out, they looked great.  D stopped by the house with DGF7 to get his costume, squints and the lifeguard from 'The Sandlot' movie.  Everyone headed out and the beggars started coming, I almost ran out of candy we had so many.  I think it is now having sidewalks the folks venture down to our end of the road.  After a couple of hours J&G returned home with their loot and took inventory while I snuck a piece away here and there.