20161023 + Grant the Chef

20161023 + Up in the am and all to church. After church G&I hit the grocery and got stuff to make lunch and for me to take to work. Home and G&I cooked up a big lunch. G loves doing it and did most of it himself, very proud. It was a good meal! L&J cleaned up, D was listing things then helped G fix his glove. J&I tested the new Boy Scout app. In the afternoon DG&I ran to get a signature on D's Eagle Project and then to a ballfield in Pickerington to get measurements for a bat rack. We ran into G's coach at the field. On to Magic Mountain where G tried out his new bat and the boys hit a bunch of balls. Home and D to youth group, I got things relisted on ebay for D. The guys came over to watch a very disturbing episode of The Walking Dead.