20161006 - Mermaid

20161006 - Up in the am and in to work. Had some good staff meetings and got a lot of things rolling today. Headed to an auction house on the way home and chatted with the owner a bit about how he got into the business and where he gets his stuff. On through heavy traffic to J's soccer game where LD&G were cheering. D was sitting on a soccer ball, I kicked it out from underneath him, He fell back, his feet caught the ball as he fell and kicked it up, hitting L right in the head. It would have been the $100K winner on AFV, everyone around laughed. D left early to go to DGF7's. J's team won and G&I headed to get gas. Apparently it is Dumba$$ get Ga$ day and every dumba$$ was at a gas station, me no exception. Anyway it took us 2 gas stations to get our gas full... G&I stopped at Creekside for some Pokemon hunting before heading home where we each made a big plate of cheesy nachos. L tried on some costumes I got for her at an auction, D was at his girlfriends for a bit and then home to watch the Indians game, J was up late doing homework, I stayed up with D watching the Indians game and checking out auctions.