20160102 - Ohio Sports Day

20160102 - Up in the am and all to church.  Back home for a bit.  D headed to a baseball showcase, L to her classroom, J&G upstairs, I got things done at the desk.  L home to get J and head to a soccer game of one of her first students in Wilmington from ages ago.  G&I headed to D's showcase with a stop at the USPS and an auction house on the way.  There want much for us to see if do there so we played some catch and watched D when he was doing things.  D finished up his showcase and we headed to Der Dutchman in plan City for lunch, it was closed...  We ended up having a HUGE lunch at the Waffle House on 70 and then shot across town where the 3 of us got hair cuts.  Home and I got things finished up at the desk, G played on the iPad and D listed things.  We watched a movie and L&J home.  They had a great time at the Cincinnati FC soccer game and got to talk with Ross, her student, and his family.  All home safe and to bed.